How is your day: 21st April

Last Modified Wednesday, 21 April 2021 (09:58 IST)
With patience and understanding on your part, a concern about a child or romantic interest will be resolved. Tonight finds you dreamy and imaginative.

Taurus:  Thinking positively even in the face of many a complication will make sure success is on your side, continue the perseverance.

Gemini: This will be a relaxing day when you'll be spending quality time with your family. You'll also be fired up about a creative project or perhaps a new romantic interest.

Cancer: You'll be excited about a promising business opportunity, but this is not a good day to push your luck. Be patient and bide your time.

Leo: Go, have some fun on this great day for leisure and romance. However, take care not to go overboard in your use of credit.

Virgo: You'll have a strong need to do your own thing. But you shouldn't keep others in the dark about your plans.

Libra: You feel a great sense of responsibility as others at work trust you completely, however do not take on more than you are capable of handling.

Scorpio: The pace at work may be sluggish and frustrating. However, you'll be very successful with a personal negotiation.

Sagittarius: You are tempted to take a short cut at work, follow your strong head, and keep the path of honesty for long term benefits.

Capricorn:  If single romance blossoms and sharing a cozy day at your favorite spot is indicated. People you least expect will help you in your journey through trying times, be grateful today!

Aquarius:  Move with drive towards the benefits you desire both with business and in your personal life. Life offers you many choices, what is required from you is taking a stand, a step. Be brave! Health still needs care!

Pices: Those involved in creative field of work are in the limelight and will be publicly felicitated, enjoy the feeling. Make sure you do not get laid back, or you could lose goodwill in the process.
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