How is your day: 27th July

Last Modified Friday, 27 July 2018 (10:45 IST)
You find it difficult to keep your word. Integrity and honesty being an issue as overconfidence and arrogance brim to the surface. You disappoint many others who are disillusioned by your fake behavior and pretense.

Those of you in sales and marketing have a tough day as tricky people and situations are challenges and ideas seem to be lacking under stress. Let inspiration come to you in bits and spurts.

You are hoping to get important and pending work done and organized today. But you still feel the lack of appreciation and out in the cold as others prefer to give credit of what you have done to others.

You are feeling happy and content that your efforts are finally bringing peace and order into your life. Work picks up and provides the direction you have been working towards. 

Those in the limelight for their recent achievements, get bigger and more attractive opportunities today. This may require being away from home.

Life is all about organization and order and as you strive for it, it feels as if at moments it gets tougher and harder. Tests trials and tribulations are plenty and yet the determination and perseverance is evident. 

Libra : Work life gains momentum at its own pace and although you are impatient about certain things you want organized, you resign yourself to viewing the bigger picture and hoping for the best.

Scorpio :  You yearn for a personal life as you feel a cut off from everyone. Drowning yourself at work is a choice. Learn to balance and enjoy a quality life. When quick rich schemes are offered to you.

: Deadlines at work not being met, and to top it all a topsy-turvy love life are issues you need to handle as you feel your energies scattered. Make sure you choose to be more assertive than aggressive.

Capricorn : Work wise, you are busier than ever as what you do is something you enjoy. Growth and personal power are slowly yet significantly coming your way. Love is not on the agenda but expect some surprises. 

Aquarius : A recent job switch for some proves comfortable, happy and stress free and new learning experiences keep you creatively occupied. Money inflow increases. 

Pisces : Health of a loved one improves and you tie up your schedule in high speed desiring to spend quality time with him/her. Expenditures for some sky-rocket. Maintaining a budget is vital. Make a wise plan. Health is good.
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