How is your day: 2nd September

Last Modified Monday, 2 September 2019 (11:14 IST)
Do not be upset when someone close to you acts unreasonably and childishly. Make the best of a bad situation by being polite and understanding. It is best to approach the day with reverence.
 You may feel more confident than usual about your abilities and skills. There is chance to meet one of your old friend. Plans for a get together can become more complicated than expected. 
:  This is a good day to concentrate on your personal pleasure. Romantic singles may feel as if a dream is becoming a reality. Youngsters may need more severe discipline than usual.

:  A friend will come to your relief when you least expect any support from any one. Your dreamy mood is not quite good to prolong, it is time for you to stand up and act.
:  Do not hide your opinions, it could annoy others. If you are willing to share ideas you will gain utmost satisfaction as previous experience has proved to you.
:  Your need to keep control of a situation by never giving away all the information, will come under fire today. Today will see an emotional release, as a realization of how good things really enlightens you.
Libra : Today is the right time to resolve to clear up with the disruption. Be honest about anything that may have hurt your feelings, by expressing it openly. This is the day to fortify your own physical system.
Scorpio : You are drawn towards spirituality and want to find more meaning in your life. Children may spring an unpleasant surprise on you today. You feel tired and drawn all day. A new project is on the anvil.
: Your life/ world is your perception, and may be far from the truth, although you may take time to realize what’s the lesson in all this for you. Those of you in the public relations field needs to pep up.
Capricorn :  Controlling and judgmental you are likely to fall into trouble with people in authority at work. Demanding respect may not happen; earning it would mean an attitude change and some compromising to start with. 
Aquarius :  Pending payments could get delayed and you find yourself digging from savings for necessary expenditures today. It is a wise plan. Positive thinking and momentum at work will be the stepping stones to your dreams.
Pisces: Authority figures boost your career prospects. The women in your family may not be in the best of health today. You are mentally alert and physically energetic. Sustained hard work boosts your career prospects.
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