How is your day: 9th December

Last Modified Monday, 9 December 2019 (11:18 IST)
Creatively inclined folk are in the limelight for recent achievements today , and promise themselves much more as far as quality is concerned. 
Health improves, but you can’t take anything for granted as yet. Nurturing yourself and avoiding hectic activity is indicated. 

Upcoming deadlines and a new assignment on hand makes up for a hectic yet inspiring day as you pride yourself on your achievements today. However, you could be taken for granted. 

Hope is good but sensible action and perfect timing needs to be looked at when seeking what you so desire. Saving money is important. Plan wise investments. 

All this and more at work is all you can take. Delegate responsibility and give yourself small breaks to rejuvenate and rejoice life and its lighter side. 

Those interested in selling property, get good offers today and will be busy in paperwork and procedure for the same. Routine work can get mundane. It is best to keep low profile and not take on any new risks.

Libra : Adjusting to domestic life and daily strife is always a challenge but nothing you cannot handle with your will and skill. Those traveling will need to be extra careful of their health.

Scorpio : With a new attitude, a different approach, a surprising strategy and much more, you are on the way to path breaking success in your chosen field. Focus and finance is an area you excel in.

Delays and obstacles are part and parcel of business. Losing your cool with people and wasting time and energy is not advised.

Capricorn : Staying grounded could also mean doing exactly as you please and enjoying your own defined space and pace both at work and in your personal life.

Aquarius : Re-prioritizing your life is uppermost on your mind as you operate from a gut feeling and enjoy positive results. Unwind and de-stress not taking on more than you can handle.

Pisces : The pace at work picks up and things go according to your design today. However, try not to Commit to any deals before weighing the pros and cons carefully. 
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