Valentines Day guide to what your Sun Sign lover really wants...

:- Manisha Koushik

Valentine's Day is here yet again and one of the most exciting part about it is to make your beloved feel cherished by making them feel that Valentine's Day means a lot more than romance and gifts.

But looking for such ideas particularly for someone very special to you can be a difficult task to do. Yes, you might say that it's the thought that counts, but we all know your beloved will appreciate it more if you give him something that he'll love. Just you need to know is the sun sign of your lover. So, here's your guide to what your lover really wants, based on his zodiac sign.
Aries: (Mar. 20-Apr.19) is a fire sign with the need for independence. Normally they are passionate, and tend to be dominant and wild. They also like to be playful and childlike, and live for the moment. But this Valentine’s Day, they would like to be the centre of attraction and pampered. A quiet gourmet dinner, with a bottle of champagne would do nicely to escape all the mayhem of the prior weeks.
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