Marut Mitra

Learn democracy from honeybees

Tuesday,December 18,2018

Relation between I and bacteria residing on my body

Saturday,February 11,2017

Why should only girls be prepared for pregnancy?

Thursday,February 9,2017

Culture is the Country

Wednesday,February 8,2017

Re-Birth : How our Karma affects our Reincarnation?

Wednesday,February 8,2017

Consume Ghee and get a disorders free mind

Wednesday,December 28,2016

Spices as Ayurvedic herbs, Ghee fat as nano-particle medicine

Tuesday,November 22,2016

Ayurveda And Green Vegetables

Tuesday,November 22,2016

So much of brainwashing as virus as enemy, nature as enemy is hurting our immunity

Tuesday,November 22,2016

What is Sanatana Dharma

Monday,October 10,2016