Hrithik Roshan sings and plays piano for fundraiser ‘I for India’ (Video)

Last Updated: Monday, 4 May 2020 (16:08 IST)
Amidst the perilous times of the pandemic, global artists assembled on a live platform for a charitable home-to-home fundraiser concert- 'concert' to raise money for Giveindia Covid-19 relief fund on 3 May, 2020. Hrithik Roshan, was also one of the artists who was a part of this initiative and as a special sight, the actor sang a song with the accompaniment of a piano.
A source close to the event shared, “Hrithik spent over 7 hours practising the and singing. He is neither a professional singer nor a pianist but he put additional efforts and learnt the piano notes for this one, on his own.”
It is not easy to play the piano and sing together for someone who is new to both but Hrithik worked hard for this performance. 
The objective of the philanthropic concert was to pay tribute to those who are working on the frontlines and to provide 100% proceeds from the fundraiser concert to the India COVID Response Fund, to support on-ground relief efforts.
Amidst this lockdown, who has music running in his family, has taken to it too and spends a lot of his time learning music on his own. 
The effort made by Hrithik was very evident in his heartwarming performance that won many hearts. The actor also urged and inspired everyone to mark their donations. 
Through these challenging times, Hrithik has time and again extended his support to the fight against Covid-19. With this another initiative, the actor continues to inspire everyone and spread positivity.
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