Karan Oberoi (KO) is a Fitness Model Who Has Taken Instagram by Storm. Find Out Why!

Last Updated: Saturday, 18 May 2019 (14:07 IST)
With an follower count that is soon to touch a million, (KO) is going places and how. As one of the most followed fitness models on social media,Karan Oberoi (KO) straddles the worlds of fitness and fashion. The growth in his online following mirrors his growth in the industry. Entering the industry as an outsider with no connections, he was one of the first fitness models to have a verified account on both Facebook and Instagram. Here’s how his online growth story unfolded.

From outsider to social media ‘celebritydom’

A graphic designer turned model, Karan Oberoi (KO) always believed in social media to grow his brand. From the outset, he focussed on creating interesting content that was appreciated by his fans. As he walked for brands and designers, his online fan following started growing rapidly.

Oberoi’s meteoric rise to online fame didn’t go unnoticed. In the first half of 2018, representatives of Facebook India approached him and after a rigorous process of verification, bestowed on him the most coveted badge of approval – the blue tick! He was one of the few online personalities to get their Facebook and Instagram verified within months. In the world of online influencers, getting verified by social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is not an easy process.

Consequently, this led to a higher influx of followers, which in turn brought about an avalanche of brands wanting to cash in on Oberoi’s clout for influencer marketing. Oberoi though was only keen on associating with brands that aligned with his philosophy and aesthetic and was in no hurry to oblige. As someone who is a wristwatch enthusiast, it was natural for him to gravitate towards watch brands and his first big collaboration was with Timex Watches, endorsing their Command collection. The collaboration garnered over 100,000 views on Instagram within hours. Soon afterwards, he collaborated with Daniel Wellington watches as well. The year 2019 looks promising for Oberoi, with many more big names in the offing, while his follower base steadily approaches the 1 million mark.

Making his mark
His stint with the industry led him to win coveted titles and represent some of the biggest brands in India. His titles include ‘Top Fitness Model’ in early 2018 awarded by HT Brunch, ‘Youth Icon Model of the Year’ at the Global Leadership Awards 2018, & ‘Best Body’ at the prestigious Mr. India International event, to name a few. He has been extensively covered in premiere national publications.

Social media has clearly been instrumental in his career. From here towards his next goal, he aims to leverage the direct connect with his fans towards building his brand. 
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