Oxygen supply from India to Bangladesh through Petrapole land port stopped

Last Updated: Monday, 26 April 2021 (17:30 IST)
Dhaka: Liquid oxygen imported from has stopped coming through Petrapole-Benapole land port in Jessore.

Since April 21, no more oxygen-carrying vehicles have entered the country through the land port. In Bangladesh, liquid oxygen is used in the treatment of corona.
According to Benapole land port sources, five importers including Linde Bangladesh, Expectra and Pure Oxygen import liquid oxygen from India through Benapole land port. The oxygen comes to through the land ports of Petrapole in West Bengal and Benapole in Bangladesh.
According to sources, a large part of the demand for oxygen in the country’s medical sector is imported from India. About 30,000 metric tons of oxygen is imported from India every month through Benapole land port alone. The demand for oxygen has recently increased to save the lives of patients infected with corona.
In the week before April 21, more than 498 metric tons of liquid oxygen arrived in the country from India through the land port of Benapole. The import price is 175 US dollars per metric ton. This liquid oxygen comes to Bangladesh in 29 tankers. Two importers, Linde Bangladesh and Expectra, imported the oxygen. There is an for treatment of corona patients in India.
Saika Majed, General Manager of oxygen importer Linde Bangladesh said, "The last time we imported oxygen from India was on April 21. Due to the ban imposed by the Indian government, no more oxygen is coming from India.
Abdul Jalil, director (acting) of Benapole land port, said 498 metric tonnes of liquid oxygen was imported from India through Benapole land port in the week before April 21. The last time 97 metric tons of oxygen was imported was on April 21. Since then no oxygen has come to the country through this land port. (UNI)