Apex court begins hearing on Ayodhya land dispute, Swamy exudes confidence

Last Modified Monday, 29 October 2018 (10:36 IST)
Hyderabad:BJP MP Dr on Sunday expressed confidence that they will win case. He was speaking at a discussion on "Is Indian Economy in Tailspin", organised by FICCI Ladies Organisation  (FLO) here. 

Dr Swamy was in conversation with Karri Sriram, a columnist, author and a Journalist at the FLO Seminar and interactive session.Dr Swamy observed that it is wrong to say that Muslims object to Ram Mandir. "There are no Muslims in Ayodhya. If ever any masjid has to be built it can be done in any adjoining districts of where there is a muslim population", he said.
Speaking on Triple Taraq, he said, we genuinely feel for Muslim women that is why we have done and not for any other reasons, he replied to a question asked by a member of the audience. 
 While answering questions, Dr  Swamy pitches for abolition of income tax. Why impose Income Tax? Rich have CA who can advise how to save on taxes. It is the poor and middle class always suffer. Why do you want Income Tax, he said.
Income Tax is required raise revenues.  If that is so, explore alternative revenue sources. The auction of 2G/3G gave nation four lakh crore which is equal to the Income Tax collected. Similarly you can auction coal mines that can fetch Rs 11 lakh crore, which is 300 times to revenue collected through Income Tax. Let Mr Modi make me finance Minister I will show how it works. I will see to it that CRPF locks Income Tax Department, he said. 
The finance minister of a country must be trained in finance, unfortunately we don't have that privilege.Income Tax is encouraging blackmail. The poor of the nation are suffering, he said.(UNI)