NCW expresses concern over plight of sex workers in lockdown

Last Modified Thursday, 16 April 2020 (19:32 IST)
New Delhi: Expressing concern over the plight of sex workers during the nationwide lockdown, the (NCW) has asked the West Bengal, Delhi and Maharashtra Governments to provide basic necessities to this marginalised section of society and encourage community feeding with the assistance of civil society organisations to help them survive the pandemic.
Taking of media reports that sex workers were on the brink of starvation, 
has written to the Chief Secretaries of West Bengal Rajiva Sinha, Vijay Dev, Government of Delhi and Ajoy G Mehta, Maharashtra Government, seeking relocation if required to maintain social distancing as thesewomen were compelled to live in dilapidated accommodation.
The women's body was reacting to a media report captioned "India's sex workers fight for survival amid Coronavirus lockdown"stating that sex workers were facing troubles due to overnight loss of income and this had led to  depths of anxiety and deprivation after the was announced in the country.(UNI)