No change in fuel prices; petrol at Rs 72.86 p/l in Delhi

Last Modified Wednesday, 3 April 2019 (11:10 IST)
New Delhi: and prices remain unchanged on Wednesday.In Delhi, petrol retails at Rs 72.86 per litre while diesel costs Rs 66.09 a litre.

In Mumbai, people have to shell out Rs 78.43 for petrol. Diesel retails at Rs 69.17 per litre.According to Indian Oil Corporation website, petrol and diesel cost Rs 74.88 and Rs 67.83 a litre in Kolkata.
Similarly, in Chennai petrol is retailing at Rs 75.62  per litre and diesel costs Rs 69.78 a litre.In Noida, petrol comes at a price of Rs 72.74 per litre and diesel costs Rs 65.32 a litre.
In Gurgaon, petrol is being sold for Rs 72.20 a litre and diesel Rs 65.21 per litre.As per the country's dynamic pricing mechanism, the domestic fuel prices depend upon International fuel prices on a 15-day average and the value of the rupee.
The price of the two fuels retailing at the petrol pumps is calculated after adding central excise duty, dealers commission and value-added tax (VAT) to the base price.The prices are revised at 0600 hrs daily, while earlier it used to be revised every fortnight.(UNI)
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