Third wave of COVID-19 waning: Delhi HM Satyendar Jain

Last Updated: Friday, 11 December 2020 (20:13 IST)
NEW DELHI: Addressing a press conference on the misappropriation of funds by the MCD, Minister of Urban Development Shri Satyendar Jain said that there is a misappropriation of more than ?2400 crore done by BJP led North MCD with the amount it had taken from South Delhi MCD.

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The incapacity of North MCD to pay the salaries of the doctors and staff is quite transparent. But for this misappropriation, Additional Chief Secretary, Urban Development has been requested to investigate the matter. Delhi Government pays off all the dues to MCD before time, and their accusations towards us are baseless, he said.
On the ongoing farmer agitation, he said that the central government should comply with the demands as they are the food soldiers of the nation. However, when asked about the lack of social distancing at the Singhu border, the minister retorted by saying that the media didn’t raise eyebrows when BJP supporters attacked Hon’ble Deputy CM Shri. Manish Sisodia’s residence for they too, were not following social distancing. He said that the third wave of covid in Delhi is on the wane and urged everyone to continue following the precautions to effectively combat the virus.
Responding to the queries surrounding this fund transfer, he said, “I became aware of this development through newspaper and media reports which stated that BJP run North MCD misappropriated an amount more than ?2400 crore from South Delhi MCD. I have given orders to investigate the matter. On the one hand, they are incapable of paying salaries, but on the other hand, they are misappropriating a hefty amount such as ?2400 crore. It is quite unbelievable” 
“Delhi government has been instrumental in paying off whatever is due to MCD, before time. We are not supposed to pay them anything, instead, they are the ones who owe us thousands of crores” commented Shri. Jain on the alleged claims made by MCD on Delhi Government.
When asked about the demand of ?13000 crores by MCD, the Hon’ble Minister opined, “They should ask the Central Government. During the last elections, they were confident about getting funds from the central government. The amount that Delhi Government owes to the MCD as per the Finance Commission, is duly paid off before time. We have rather loaned them money which is yet to be recovered.”
On the ongoing farmer protests, he said, ‘The central government should comply with its demands. The farmers are our food soldiers. They have travelled kilometres together, leaving their homes, so the central government should take immediate action.”
On the question of social distancing in the farmer’s protest, Shri. Jain remarked, “Yesterday, when BJP workers attacked the residence of Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, did those attackers take cognizance of following social distancing?”
Deliberating on the status of health in the city, Shri. Jain said, “November 7 was the peak of the third wave in Delhi. The positivity rate was 15.26% on that day, which has been on the perpetual decline ever since. For the past 10 days, the positivity rate has been below 5%. I can say that the third wave is on the wane. More than 70,000 tests however are still being carried out. The situation is very much under control, but still, I will request you all to wear a mask, follow social distancing. Wearing a mask will help us in eradicating the virus from the city. I applaud the citizens for their continued support, as well as the healthcare workers who have been working tirelessly.”
Addressing the query surrounding the delay in reports of RT-PCR tests, he said, “I agree that there has been a delay, but that is being looked into. We followed the Central Government’s orders to double the testing, which led to the delay. But now, there is a betterment in the turnaround time.”