Police have arrested 130 youths, including girls, for holding in a rave party against curfew

Hassan: A Police team led by Superintendent of Police raided a farm house at and arrested 130 youths, including girls who were having a rave party, on Saturday, police said on Sunday.

Speaking to newsmen on Sunday SP Srinivasa Gowda said they are searching for the organizers of this and have already arrested the estate owner.
He said there were more than 100 luxury cars and bikes that arrived from Bengaluru, other parts of the state and also from other states as well.
He said that the party goers were playing loud music and were dancing, consuming drugs, imported liquors and after the raid late night on Saturday arrested the youths and girls and seized their vehicles.
He said they also seized ganja, afima and said that the youths not only belonged to but also Goa. All the arrested were subjected to blood tests and cases have been registered against them.
He said this kind of party has been banned and the Alur Taluk as it violates the COVID-19 norms. (UNI)