Former Indian cricketer S Badrinath offers mind skill training for players and coaches

Last Updated: Saturday, 9 May 2020 (18:39 IST)
New Delhi: MFORE, a non-profit initiative offering mind conditioning programs to achieve peak performance in sports, was launched by former Indian cricketer along with on Thursday.
It offers mental toughness and mind skill training for players, coaches, parents, referees and the extended sporting ecosystem across all sports.
The main objective of is to remove the interferences caused by the mind and enable the player to perform to their true potential.
It will also identify needs of the sporting ecosystem and fulfill them with customized training programs that in turn brings in a culture of mind conditioning and mind skills training among the sports fraternity in India.
The programs of MFORE will help them overcome anxiety, self-doubt, fear etc, and achieve peak performance consistently. By unleashing the power of their minds, MFORE intends to train sportspersons to get through any hardships effortlessly.
"Having undergone mental conditioning coaching during my playing days, I can vouch that it can bring in a positive difference in the players' performance,'' S Badrinath said.
Star Sports 1 Tamil is set to launch a show 'Mind Masters by MFORE' on May 10, where the likes of MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli and Ravichandran Ashwin along with others will share their thoughts on mind conditioning and mind skills in sports.(UNI)