Usman Khawaja’s brother jailed for framing colleague in a terror plot

Last Updated: Sunday, 8 November 2020 (13:35 IST)
Australian cricketer Usman’s elder brother was jailed for two and a half years for plotting a revengeful act against his colleague.

Arsalan admitted his actions of forging entries into his colleague Mohamed Kamer Nizamdeen’s personal notebook and submitted it to his project manager at the New South Wales University. When questioned by the police, the cricketer’s brother misled them by saying that he found the notebook by accident.
Nizamdeen was arrested and put in high security and was labeled a terrorist by the media for four weeks before the police could find the truth that he had been set up.
Arsalan did such an act out of jealousy over his colleague’s mutual female contact. He believed his colleague was interested in this female friend whom he didn’t appreciate of. He wrote over 20 threats in the notebook before finally handing it over to the project manager.

The entries included getting bomb and weapon trainings, launching attacks in Australia and other countries and also targeting former Australian Prime Minister Malcom Turnball, police stations, the Boxing Day Test Match and St. Mary’s Cathedral.
The cricketer’s brother pleaded guilty of misleading a police official, forging a document and persuading a witness to give false testimony.