How to Convert Excel to PDF Online for Free?

Last Modified Monday, 19 April 2021 (19:33 IST)
This article has been written to introduce you to the best to converters available online. Excel has evolved into one of the most valuable personal and company usage applications on our personal computers today. It is distinguished from other systems by its ability to capture and adjust details reliably. The software enables users to perform fast and precise calculations directly from their device. However, exchanging such data necessitates the creation of a PDF version.

When it comes to finding a method that can quickly convert Excel to PDF online, Lua is undoubtedly one of the best methods. That is why we rank it as one of the top five web converters for excel to PDF files. A glance at the website reveals that it is a straightforward tool that is, in general, very powerful. If the feature is clicked, the text is uploaded. The website is safe, and the records are removed from the server approximately an hour after the conversion. If completed, the output can be saved to your screen. Furthermore, you will be able to compress PDF to reduce the file size without compromising the quality.
2. Zamzar
Zamzar is included in this list due to the wide variety of file formats it supports. It's tough to find an online with the same compatibility level as Zamzar, which is why it's often preferred. The website is pretty quick to use, with a straightforward home page to prevent misunderstanding. With Zamzar, there are four steps involved in accessing your PDF document: an upload process, a format selection step, an email address entry phase, and finally, a conversion step. After that, the transfer is emailed to the given email address, and you're ready to go. The maximum file size that can be uploaded is restricted, resulting in a lengthy conversion phase if you have a batch of files to migrate rather than only one.
3. is an online service that is entirely compatible with the Excel format. However, similar to Zamzar, the website would merely perform the conversion without including any additional functionality. The method is reasonably straightforward; you simply import your desired Excel spreadsheet and follow the three basic steps to complete the conversion.
Cometdocs enables you to navigate your records and formats conveniently when online. The procedure is also accessible on laptops and smartphones. Again, the site's interface is pretty simple, enabling you to import the text and then transform it. Following the conversion, you will be prompted to type your email address to obtain the recently converted Excel PDF file.
Another Excel to PDF converter accessible online is As with other online PDF converters, it enables you to generate PDF documents directly from any Office Windows app. The website is familiar to many online users; it features a straightforward step-by-step conversion mechanism. You upload your desired Excel text, choose the format you want to migrate to, and convert with a single click. Additionally, the website provides a subscription service that eliminates document queues, speeds up turn-around times, and so on, all at a reasonably competitive price point.
6. is another that enables three-step conversion of Excel to PDF. As with several other converters, the first step is to pick the Excel file to convert; instead, if uploading from a web page, there is also a URL method. will then submit the PDF sheet. This site's home page is a little complex, with many details spread about, but it does have the PDF conversion method necessary to transform your Excel documents to PDF.
7. Soda PDF
You can generate PDF documents from various formats, including Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, as well as JPEG and PNG photos and HTML files, using this online PDF converter.
Free and premium memberships are available via Soda PDF Online Services. Unlimited PDF design and limited PDF conversions are available for free, with one file every 30 minutes. Upgrade to Premium (approximately $10 every three months) if you want more. You would also be able to combine and separate PDF files in this method.
Most online PDF converters would only enable you to convert your document; they will not provide you with any additional editing resources or functionality that you might find in a downloaded desktop PDF converter application.