Bharat as Devbhumi

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is Devbhumi, loved by Devas; so does your body, in shape of Bharat, is loved by Devas.

[Mahabharat, Bhishm Parva, 9.5]

I reiterate this example again and again for intuitive minds to envision Nation driving factors.

1) Imagine Rashtra as an organism. For example, Bharat is a human species (as her geographical shape resembles to human body). Each organism has her own way of working. Humans live life different than dogs or dolphins.

2) Imagine States as organs of the organism. Each organ has a specific way of working. A defined goal to serve the body.

3) Imagine individual cells as citizens. They too have defined goal to serve the body as per their skills and inclination.

So, American model cannot work for Bharat. Bharatiya model cannot work for China. Yes, we may learn from each other, but absolute copy-paste won’t work.

So when we talk about Nation driving factors. We must empower individual and from this bottom up approach, Nation should be run. Between individual and Nation, each macro identity i.e. taluka, district, state – act as per local organic environment. Everyone with single goal – To serve the Nation.

Bharat shaped Human body or Human shaped Bharat – Both are land of Devas. This is the only place on earth where life can be effortless when lived by dharma. No struggle against nature, no struggle against other creatures. Weather is well-defined. Seasons are mostly in rhythm (except in our times when we have disturbed their cycle). Most favorable place for birth and death experiments.

If we claim our bharatiya identity, the ideal way of running this entity, is to live like Deva.

What is Deva’s way?

Deva is derived form of Divu dhatu. So Deva’s characteristics are tapped in meanings of Divu dhatu.

As per Panini’s grammar, Divu can be described in ten ways:

1) The one who consider life as a play is DEVA
2) The one who has winning attitude is DEVA
3) The one who is excelled in communication, conducts, commerce, customs, civility is DEVA
4) The one whose life is bright is DEVA
5) The one who can praise others (humans, animals, nature) genuinely is DEVA (Genuine praise is very vital part of positive psychology! Those who have studied HR subjects, must be knowing this)
6) The one who is constantly working for establishing delight in society/ecosystem
7) The one who is able to take pride of self and at the same time can sacrifice it.
8) The one who has dream/a lofty selfless goal to be meditated on for betterment of mankind
9) The one from whose life, spiritual splendor is constantly radiating.
10) The one who is constantly changing.

Bharat Tantra should be designed to produce Deva and support Daivik Jeevan. We are not meant for capitalism and socialism and communism.
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