House is the center of the house-holders’ universe

Marut Mitra
is an expression of civilization, but only an expression. are more intrinsic. Highly developed saints have lived a simpler life and dispensed with many things which are counted among necessaries by civilized people.

Reference of houses in the the is marvelously excellent.

“We lay the strong foundation of a house which is well-ventilated, beautiful with parts symmetrically corresponding to each other and measured or enclosed all round”

“Its main four parts are storehouse, kitchen, and drawing room.”

House is the center of the house-holders’ universe. My home is center of my universe.
“Bhuvanasya nabhi”. Center of universe is to realize center of life. For healthy spiritual journey of husband-wife, home-building is important exercise.


“O husband and wife, we design for your habitation a house wherein sun-rays come plentifully. Here in such a house can dawn upon you the divine light whereby you may realize the super most stage of God.”

Physical openness leads to spiritual openness. A good well-ventilated and built house is the fittest abode for Godly and spiritually advanced persons. The house is not only an enclosure of bricks and stones but a place where the members of the family regulate their habits and advance step by step towards the spiritual goal of life.

Once goal is understood we can move on next as what material to use to build center of the universe.

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