How is your day: 13th January

Last Modified Sunday, 13 January 2019 (10:36 IST)
The health will be a major concern. One earns monetary benefit amid some troubles.  You may hear a  sad news later in the day. 

You make more friends today, but still an unknown fear gives trouble. The disease and enemies vanish away from your life. 

A bad company will trouble you. If you are a woman the day is going to be even worse. Fear and worry increase.

A day of reaping benefit and attaining peace. One needs to put effort to get profit. The enemies are on silent mode. 

An eye defect is set to trouble you.  A day when you earn a decent profit.  The problem comes either from son/daughter or an enemy.

You are hit by a disease  and expenditure increases.  The worries and fear are also a major concern. 

Libra : The strength will give you much deserved benefit. However the day is not good, as you are gripped by fear, worry, mental block and sadness.

Scorpio : You register a victory over your fear and loss by wisdom. One needs to remain away from the altercation.

Despite bad health, it is a good day for you.  The person of opposite gender is generous for you and journey fetches desired results.  You also register victory over the enemies. 

Capricorn : The enemies will trouble you a lot. Despite worries ,your work is appreciated by others today..

Aquarius : You are able to register the victory. There are  chances of altercation and undesirable expenditures.

Pisces : Not a good day, as it seems you are battling from loss, hurdles and also an accident.
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