How is your day: 14th January

Last Updated: Sunday, 14 January 2018 (09:19 IST)
You are surrounded by diseases and worries. A sad news is on the cards. The enemies are in a silent mode. 

The enemies will be defeated and you earn monetary benefit.  One needs to be cautious from an accident. 

Not a good day as you are haunted by fear, worries and undue expenditures. You will take decisions by your wisdom today. 

The rise of worries and fear will trouble you the whole day.  An altercation will make it even more worse. You still end up earning some monetary benefit.

An eye defect will trouble you lot for the day. The Son or daughter will trouble you. Enemies are stronger this day. One needs to be extra cautious.

A rise in the fear, worries, loss and verbal spats. An accident is also on the cards.

Libra : Apprehensions, pains, losses, conflicts on the cards. Brave handelling of situations will prove fruitful.

Scorpio : Chances of losses as well as gains. Brave handelling of situations will prove fruitful.

Women will have a nice day. Touring will prove fruitful. Stay clear of women and conflicts.

Capricorn : State power may inflict pains on you. Apprehensions on the cards. Don’t shy seeking helps from friends.

Aquarius : You will emerge victorious and your clout will grow. You may reunite with old friends. Bad company will hurt you.

Pisces : Conflicts may take your joys away. There can be ailments too. Pains and apprehensions will be on the cards. 
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