How is your day: 1st February

Last Modified Wednesday, 31 January 2018 (15:39 IST)
Aries: You learn to strike a balance and give all areas of your life their due importance. Purchasing a new home/ car is indicated and expenditures could be high, but well worth it. Health improves for most.

Taurus: Hectic, stressful and happy are times ahead. Travel is frequent, and if you are offered a prestigious project that may require you to have a home away from home and you are urged to take a leap of faith.
Gemini: If wanting to start anew and afresh in the stone/jewellery business, wait for a sanction of an important loan/license and make necessary arrangements to showcase your goods.  

Cancer:  Be assertive and get your way! Love life tends to remain in the background, although your mate does his/ her best to please you. Fun outings and romantic dinner will brighten things up.
Leo:  Travel indicated as sudden work in your chosen field demands it. Today, you try to make it pleasurable by asking your mate to come along with you and eventually have a good time.  

Virgo: An event at home keeps you busy today as you play perfect host, making sure all are comfortable and mental peace. Later this afternoon some of you plan an informal meeting with work associates.

Libra: Turbulence in your domestic life, is what you tackle and helpful mediation from others is helpful, as you work towards resolving tricky financial matters that need looking into, peace happens, slowly yet smoothly.  
Scorpio: Work you decide is something you need to look into as things have been a wee bit slow and its probably the right time to spruce it up since the market trends are good especially if dealing in trading of any sort.  
Sagittarius: Politics both on the domestic as well as career front, may drag you amongst much that is happening. Despite your resistance, the earlier half of the day is spent in sorting out old issues. 
Capricorn:  If employed, you are hoping you are assigned ventures that can showcase your talents. Slow and easy, don't rush the process, falling in love? There's no looking back for some. 
Aquarius:  Busy and yet troubled by an old health issue cropping up is something you have to deal with. A medical opinion is a wise choice, finances for some are still tight, apply them and enjoy the benefits. 
Pisces:- All and more as much as you desire, as you possess the Midas touch today. Making the most of it may require aggressive action. Let complacency be an issue of the past and forge ahead with confidence.
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