How is your day: 2nd February

Last Modified Thursday, 1 February 2018 (15:09 IST)
Aries: Those in the business, plan to diversify into something that has been a recurrent thought/idea in your mind. A close pal/associate is more than full of suggestions. 
Taurus: Short term investments that you are thinking of may be wise but still need weighing pros and cons. Those dealing in clothes indulge in a grand exhibition, sales and success at the end of it all. 

Gemini: Be generous! Move on in every sphere of your life and you will be able to focus at your goals more clearly. If employed you may be required to stay back as upcoming deadlines and short of time will play on your mind.

Cancer:  Perseverance and faith in your abilities grow making you feel enthusiastic and on top of things for the most part today. Expenditures continue to be high and saving is slow but helpful.
Leo:  Work is more organized and gains momentum after you get news of a promotion and wage hike at work and as appreciation grows. 

Virgo: Creatively inclined folk need to take a few risks today which may involve with big funds and although there are moments you will be skeptical. You will manage to handle your fears and work for you although results are slow.  

Libra: Creatively/artistic people make a mark, earn appreciation and are ready to take on a few risks today that are sure to work. 
Scorpio: Life is a maze and you right in the middle of it all, absorbing every experience and hoping to learn from it, as you move towards your goals with no definite plan. Allowing your gut to guide you. 
Sagittarius: Work is slow as your mind seems to be racing in many different directions, allow yourself a mental break and ease out issues that bother you. Health needs care especially for those suffering from joint aches and pains.   
Capricorn:  Travel for business cum pleasure turns out more pleasure. However you do not regret, as letting your hair down briefly and enjoying yourself meeting new people and other adventures turns out happy. 
Aquarius:  Work-wise, things pick up slightly and you seem to be in a great hurry, as insecurity and a sense of competition steps in, avoid negative thoughts and actions, and things will fall into place on their own. 

Pisces: Domestic harmony creeps in after much concerted efforts on your part and the co-operation of siblings today and you now feel good enough and strong to focus on business that has been going slow for a bit. 
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