How is your day : 3rd September

Last Modified Tuesday, 3 September 2019 (11:29 IST)
Sibling rivalry is a source of concern, and you are beset with tension. A shopping spree lifts your spirits today, as you buy things for the home. Is your body sending out warning signals? See a doctor at once.
 Your father may suffer ill health at this time. You are happy and satisfied; the day is full of spectacular achievements. This is a day to be fearless, despite the circumstances.
:  You are advised to exercise great patience and determination in all that you undertake. A desire to possess the luxuries of life, here and now, prevails throughout the day.

:  A legal dispute languishing in the courts begins to take its toll on your mental well-being. Your mother may need your help at some point today. Optimize on your business contacts in the international markets.
:  Your relationship with your father is strained. Children bring home good news from school today. You may have some stomach trouble; watch what you eat.
:  Spirituality beckons, and you are ready to be led. Children may spring an unpleasant surprise on you today. You are mentally alert and physically energetic. Stay away from the share market at this time.
Libra : Bureaucracy is becoming harder to deal with; exercise restraint and patience. A feeling of exhaustion pervades throughout the day. You need to put in that extra bit of effort for the day.
Scorpio : Siblings are not in a good mood and it is futile to expect their help in any way. You seem to suffer from pangs of anxiety today. This is a day to be fearless, despite the circumstances.
: Sibling rivalry causes a lot of anxiety. You feel people are conspiring against you; persevere. You are full of courage and have the will to work hard. You encounter professional upheavals all day. 
Capricorn :  Matters linked with the government are finally sorted out after a long delay. don't indulge in avoidable arguments today. Finances are good; Mercury puts you in a position to pay off a few debts. 
Aquarius :  This is a day when you will achieve what you wish for. don't indulge in avoidable arguments today. Your rivals keep you off balance. This is not such a good day at work. The chances of a new romance are bright.
Pisces: It's important that you differentiate between authentic information and petty rumor. You look forward to eating out today. Be careful where you leave your possessions; anything can happen.
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