Here’s how Paatal Lok is one large scale series coming on the OTT platform- scenes, scale and vibe!

Last Modified Thursday, 14 May 2020 (21:34 IST)
Since the trailer of has been dropped, everyone waits for the big release of the show Which is an upcoming investigative cop drama series that is sure to leave minds boggled!
The series follows Jaideep Ahlawat as Hathiram Chaudhary whilst he unravels the knots of a twisted case surrounding the attempt of an assassination of a prime time journalist.
It is evident from the trailer that the makers of the show have shot some significantly substantial scenes. Most of the show has been set up in Delhi and other locations like Gurgaon, and Rohtak. 
The trailer displayed to the audience, scenes of an enormous magnitude. For example, it took the viewers on a bridge with multiple cars, it took them to a 110 different location, and what's more, is that most of the scenes were shot in real surroundings!
The trailer starts off with a narration describing the different 'Loks' which is exhibiting the different class divides in the society. It shows us an overview of the city and the different 'Loks' and then takes off into 'Paatal Lok' showing the glimpses on attempts of arrests of four different suspects for conspiracy to murder. 
Then it introduces us to the four suspects namely Tope Singh, Kabir M, Mary Lyngdoh, and Vishal or Hathoda Tyagi. The scene follows Vishal Tyagi in some gruesome snippets of crime and ultimately in a heated cop chase in the crowded streets of Delhi. The makers of the series executed the entire chase scene at a crowded railway station in the old Delhi area.
The trailer then takes to following the main character of Inspector Hathiram into trying to unravel the fog of mystery that shrouds the case. The trailer displays some breath-taking cinematography of large amplitude and certainly promises a great show. Everyone was awe-struck by the trailer and waits for what's coming!
Save the date and mark your calendars as Paatal Lok releases on the 15th of May!
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