Indore based TV actress Preksha Mehta commits suicide (Pics)

Last Updated: Wednesday, 27 May 2020 (10:02 IST)
Indore:Known for her appearance in fame crime series "Crime Patrol", committed suicide by hanging herself in her Indore located house. 25 year old actress had moved from Indore to Mumbai two years ago to shape her career in television industry.
Preksha who also appeared in TV serials like 'Meri Durga' and 'Laal Ishq' returned home from Mumbai to Indore due to the lockdown.
According to Preksha's father, she was tense and upset for many days. Last night, she took the extreme step of ending life. In the morning when her father went to wake up Preksha, she was in the permanent slumber. Her father was shell shocked after watching her daughter hanging.
He immediately rushed to the hospital, but it was too late. As of now, the suicide note has not been found and the police is investigating the case.
Preksha was an emerging artist. She acted in several plays and also won many awards. She also got an opportunity to act in Akshay Kumar's film 'Padman'. She also appeared in some shorts movies.
The have registered a case and started the investigation to find out whether the cause of death was her shattered career goals or some other secret is hidden behind the curtain. As her last insta story said "Dead dreams are the worst " .However, only after investigation, the picture will be clear.(WD)

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