So this was the photographer behind cosy couple moment of Nickyanka, PC spills the beans

Priyanka chopra reveals the name of the photographer who took the photograph

Eversince the hot couple Nickyanka got married, has been sharing their love and fun moments continously on various platforms. Recently, PC shared a pic ,naming it home, and got trolled brutely. 

In the photo, Priyanka and Nick were close to eachother where Priyanka was resting pecefully having Nick's arms wrapped around her.
Since this was the couch-close moment PC shared, trolls demanded to know who clicked the photographs. Trollers asked if a was hid to click so photos can be posted on social media.
By commenting on her photo, Priyanka finally gave a beffiting reply and shut all the trollers at once. She spoke out the name of the person and all about her. It was PC's stylist Divya Jyoti who clicked the pic without the couple's notice. Priyanka did not forget to thank you the long-time together stylist meanwhile who has accompanied the couple in Los Angeles. 

: Instagram