This is what Ranveer Singh has to say on Pak artists ban

Last Modified Saturday, 2 March 2019 (15:21 IST)
While the whole nation is rejoiced after Indian Air Force pilot was handed back safely to Indian authority, presents his view on the pakistani artists. 
Singh said no one can forget the sad demise of 40 CRPF soliders in hands of terrorists but homecoming episode of Abhinandan from Pak captivity is a thrilling incident for all. Varthaman was held captive after the figher plane he was flying was shot down by Pakistan. He fell on the otherside of the LOC and taken into custody. Later on after a day of captivity, Pak PM Imran Khan announced his release in Parliament as a step towards peace. 
Within a half of a month span, the India and Pakistan relations saw a further downfall while the tension seemed to lead towards war. It was the same day when the terror strike took place in Pulwama when Ranveer Singh's much awaited movie 'gully boy' was released. In his own words, Singh got extremely disturbed and disillusioned.
On the question of imposing a on Pakistans and breaking off sports ties with the country, Ranveer Singh thinks even if a single family member of the soilders directly affected in the incident thinks a ban should be prompted then we should respect the emotion. 
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