A book which answers some of the most common legal queries

Last Updated: Friday, 7 October 2016 (19:46 IST)
How often it happens that we have some legal queries on our mind but we can’t consult anyone about it. We consult lawyers only on those issues that are very critically important to us, but many more legal queries keep popping up in our mind and we can’t find any answer to them, not even on Google. Well, here is a book which answers almost all of such queries.

V. Gunasekaran in his book “Legally Speaking” has tried to answer some of those very that often cross our minds. Gunasekaran is a lawyer in Madras High Court and he also runs an organization which helps people with their Legal problems and that too without taking any fee from them. During the course of years, he found out that there are some queries that keep recurring. He thought to make a collection of their answers and get them published. This is how this book came out.

The book consists 200 such questions. Gunasekaran answers them. Questions are like Can two people live happily together even after they are legally divorced?” or “Can my stepmother ask for her share in my mother’s assets after her death?” or “Is the threat of publishing photos on Internet is a criminal offense?” and so on.

Often after inter-caste and inter-religion marriages, the question arises about the new caste of the girl. This is also a general query that if a SC girl marries an upper caste man, will she still be eligible for the benefits of reservations. Or can a man marry another woman even without getting divorced? Or if a person dies without writing his will, who can stake claim for his properties?

These are the questions that often come across our minds. This book of Gunasekaran will not only help us get their answers, but will also help us understand the legal procedures in general. This is a book which deserves a place in every common man’s collection.

Book : Legally Speaking
Author : V. Gunasekaran
Publishers : Lawyers Line, Chennai
Price : 360/-
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