Motivational book "One Fine Day" is written by a person who defeated brain hemorrhage

Last Modified Saturday, 19 December 2020 (20:28 IST)
Pune:A 51-year-old man survived a rare type of which changed his life completely motivating and him to pen down his near death experience.
Sameer Bhide  suffered from a rare genetic condition called cerebral vascular abnormality from birth. This led him to suffer from a brain hemorrhage in which survival chances are around one in one million. He has not only recovered from this but has also written a book narrating his experience.
Bhide, who is born in Pune and brought up in Mumbai is a resident of the United States Of America. He kept his motivation high and fought against the disease successfully. In his bid to tell his motivational story, he has recently written a book on his life-changing event. The book titled 'One Fine Day' which release here recently. 
In 2017, he suffered from a hemorrhagic stroke that led to a month-long coma and two brain surgeries. This event brought chaos and divorce in his life. Before the stroke, he had worked on technology and management roles in the USA for 20 plus years.
Talking to UNI here today Bhide said, "It took major tragedies for me to fully realize the one-fine-day message. I don't want anyone else to wait for a tragedy to happen to realize the message fully. I sincerely hope my message in serves as a wake-up call that we are all one fine day away from a new normal, however big or small. It reminds you to be grateful and thankful for each day you are here and to not get too carried away or plan too far ahead. I certainly don't want to scare anyone, but to only raise awareness of this and help others to better prepare, physically and emotionally. I certainly wasn't prepared, so I want to share the many experiences and lessons learned from my journey that are helping me heal my mind and body."
According to The Handbook of Neurosurgery by Mark Greenberg, the genetic condition that Bhide was suffering from develops in about 3,300 to 58,800 people in the US. This resulting in hemorrhage is even rare - it only happens to 86 to 1,730 people per year in the US. Many of those people die.
In the book, Bhide also explains his experience with Eastern and Western medicines. He has undergone all the treatment options available in western medicines. Along with that, he has also taken treatment under Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, etc.
Bhide's life physical health is not yet recovered to what it was before the stroke. He walks with the help of a cane now. He mentioned, " One Fine Day is the story of my recovery, one that took me around the world many times and that encompassed not only the best of Western medicine, technology, and care but also the best of Eastern holistic healing practices and care. By supplementing cutting-edge Western medical technology with alternate medicines and care practices, we can achieve greater results that contribute to healing the whole person. But I want to stress that you need both. One Fine Day presents the way I have used both in my ongoing recovery to have the best chance to heal my mind and body." (UNI)
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