Sign of relief in Delhi as the Positivity rate slumps to 4.96 %: Satyendar Jain

Last Modified Friday, 4 December 2020 (17:47 IST)
New Delhi:Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Shri said that the positivity rate has become less than 5% as compared to the surge since November 7,2020 which is a sign of relief as it points to perpetual declining of the effect of the pandemic in Delhi. More than 65% beds and more than 40% ICU beds remain vacant.

If this rate of positivity stays for a consecutive 5 days, it will be indicative of the fact that Delhi has combated the virus. Thanking everyone involved, he said that due to the aggressive testing and contract tracing, Delhi has been able to achieve this. "Delhi has the infrastructural ability for storage as well as application of the vaccine," he added.
He said there were 3734 new cases in Delhi yesterday. "More than 75000 tests were conducted. Positivity rate was down to 4.96%, which is a sign of relief. According to Delhi Government’s live app, there are 18,700 beds in totality out of which, more than 12000 are vacant, and 6658 beds are occupied. Total ICU beds are 5029. Out of which 2013 beds are vacant. This is indicative of the situation getting better gradually. If the positivity rate continues to stay below 5%, we will  overcome the pandemic. Due to aggressive testing, we have been able to achieve this," said Shri Jain.
Shri Satyendar Jain said, “We have the infrastructure to roll out the vaccine to the entire population of Delhi in a few weeks. We have facilities like Mohalla Clinics, poly clinics dispensaries to facilitate application of the vaccine. This vaccine is stored in thermocol boxes with dry ice. So storage if this vaccine will not be a problem” 
On the on going farmer agitation he said, “I believe that there is a need to give immediate consideration to the demands of the farmers, who have travelled kilometres to raise their points. They are our providers, and if we don’t solve their problems, this issue will be prolonged. Their demands be heard with immediate effect as farmers are the backbone of the nation."