53 soldiers killed in a terrorist attack in Mali on Friday

Last Modified Saturday, 2 November 2019 (12:21 IST)
A suspected terror attack has killed at least 53 people in Mali. carry out regular attacks in the region Dozens of soldiers were killed in a suspected terrorist attack in on Friday, according to army officials.
The raid on a military post in the the Indelimane area, in the north of the country, is believed to have been conducted by Islamic militants.
"The provisional death toll has risen to 53 deaths" the Malian Army confirmed on Facebook, though that figure was expected to rise.
Recurring theme
Attacks of this nature are commonplace in Mali. Last month an attack resulted in the deaths of numerous soldiers at two separate army posts. Islamic separatists were also accused of carrying out that particular onslaught.
French and African military operations, along with the Malian military's efforts, dispersed militants and restored government control in the region. However, rebel activities still occur in some areas, even though a number of peace agreements are in place.
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