Hackers post swastikas on Mercedes-Benz Instagram account

Last Updated: Thursday, 7 May 2020 (17:46 IST)
Carmaker has said it is "sorry for any inconvenience and offense caused" after posted Nazi imagery on its page. Other posts included images of vehicles made by competitor BMW.
The German-language Instagram of carmaker Mercedes-Benz fell victim to hackers on Tuesday, the company confirmed.
Unidentified hackers took over the company's Instagram profile on Tuesday evening, Mercedes-Benz told news agency DPA.
The company said it quickly responded to the hack and said further legal steps could be taken. Shortly after the incident, Mercedes-Benz took down its German-language Instagram account.
Screenshots of the company's hacked profile circulated online, including images of the Nazi Swastika flag. The hacked account also promoted cars from competitor BMW.
The hackers also posted several links in the account's description, calling on users to "donate to starving people.
Replying to confused Twitter users who shared the screenshots, Mercedes-Benz said it was "sorry for any inconvenience and offense caused.