Death penalty for mass killing of 19 disables at care home in Japan

Last Modified Monday, 16 March 2020 (15:56 IST)
A former employee at a care home for disabled people admitted to killing 19 patients in one of postwar Japan's worst mass killings. The attack shocked the country and sparked a debate about the stigma the disabled face.
What happened in the attack?
The 30 year-old once worked at a care center for people with mental disablities southwest of Tokyo. 
Uematsu admitted stabbing to death 19 disabled people and injuring 24 others at the Yamayuri-en residential buildings in July 2016. Many of the victims were killed as they slept.
He reportedly told the court the victims were "a burden to society" and killing them would be good for society.The attack was one of the deadliest in since World War II.rt/cmb (AFP, AP, Reuters)