Kamala Harris, Mike Pence spar in muted VP debate (Video)

Last Updated: Thursday, 8 October 2020 (16:29 IST)
The Republican and Democratic vice presidential nominees clashed over policy issues, but neither clinched a clear victory. The pair seemed equally matched and responded to each jab, but not everything was swatted away. (Pic- UNI)
Democratic vice presidential hopeful, Kamala Harris, and sitting Vice President sparred over coronavirus, the economy and the environment in Salt Lake City on Wednesday night, but no clear victor was able to emerge.
Both presidential candidates tweeted out messages of support following the relatively civil debate, with President claiming that his running mate had "WON BIG," while Democratic nominee told that she had "made us all proud tonight."
Although vice-presidential debates normally play a less significant role in the run-up to the US election, with the recent outbreaks of COVID-19 in the White House and the age of the two presidential candidates, there was keen interest in the outcome of the clash.
Both candidates brought balance
In comparison to the raucous debate between Biden and Trump, the two remained civil. Pence was warned several times for going over his allotted time, but the clash had little in the way of surprises.
Diego Sanchez, a US voter in the city of Cincinnati, told DW Washington bureau chief Ines Pohl that he thought Pence did a "better job of demonstrating his stability than the president."
Alicia Crawford, another voter, also told Pohl she believed that Kamala Harris "balanced out Biden's more passive energy. Crawford added that she considered Harris' performance a success for the Democrats who want to show their base that they can take on the larger personality of the sitting president.
Fly brings buzz to debate
The Democrat's main point of attack was over the government's response to the coronavirus pandemic, lambasting the coronavirus task force, of which Pence is the head, saying that the "administration have forfeited their right to reelection."
Pence was able to respond quickly saying: "Our nation has gone through a very challenging time this year. But I want the American people to know that from the very first day President Donald Trump has put the health of America first."
However, the Republican vice president was not as able to swat away an unexpected intruder that caused perhaps the biggest stir of the night. Pence seemed unaware of a fly that landed on his head during the debate, but many of those watching were all too aware of the insect stealing the show.
A Twitter account for the fly rapidly gained tens of thousands of followers.jsi,ab/sms (AP, AFP, Reuters, dpa)