Stressed at your desk? Try these 4 cool chair yoga poses

Author Pallavi Sawant
A desk job. Long hours. Severe backache and neck pain. Sound familiar? There is only one real permanent solution -
Office . While this may not replace the traditional 90 minutes you should spend on your yoga mat, while at work helps to relieve the muscle strain from sitting for 8+ hours in front of a computer, making it easy to focus on work through the day.
Try these cool yoga poses at your office when you miss your yoga class. Just make sure your make-shift office-cum-yoga chair does not have wheels and you can sit comfortably with your feet being able to touch the ground.

 Finger and wrist stretch

Begin your quick yoga session with this easy stretching exercise as continuous typing can build up tension the muscles of the wrists and fingers. Remember to do these stretches every 2 hours with 5 to 10 repetitions on each hand.
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