Who will help us? Of course, Gau Mata!

Marut Mitra
I don’t know where to start this post. So many dots to connect!!

Let me start with the latest news:

65-70% Indians are deficient. Here’s why you should worry.

Despite the plentiful sun, Vitamin D (aka, sunshine vitamin) deficiency is reaching epidemic proportions in India, warns Dr Michael Holick, and global authority on Vitamin D therapy.

Recent studies have revealed that 65-70 per cent Indians are Vitamin D deficient and another 15 percent are insufficient.

Shocking right? We deserve it for our sheer incompetence to respect mother nature and blind race for greed!

And can you imagine the impact? Whole plethora of mental disorders! Zombies everywhere!! Psychopaths and rapists! I am not trying to be a fear-monger! This will be harsh reality of near future! (And so be prepared! More than books, educate your kids for strength building! ) In fact, it is happening all around! Have you not seen increasing number of such psychopath(s) hijacking society?

Who will help?

Of course, Mata! (Desi cows with hump. Scientific name: Bos Indicus)

Gau Mata has in hump. It is this special feature that makes her different from other breeds. It is this Nadi that transforms Shakti from Prana Daata Sun God. Vitamin D3, the gross and raw form of biological solar power is bonus!

Milk of Gau mata is full of DHA!

As per this research, with D3 controls Brain Serotonin, and Psychiatric Disorders!

Here, I already shared that serotonin in blood makes mother’s milk more nutritious!

Can you connect the dots?

Desi Gau is full of DHA Docosahexaenoic acid. No other source can compete with the ghee produced by churning method from desi Gau mata’s ethically procured A2 milk. One more condition is that ghee has to be prepared during sunrise (Vitamin D3). All this is not possible in
dairy from where we get your ghee.

We see increasing number of kids in hyper active mode. ADHD and ASD. Many clinical disorders, such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and depression share as a unifying attribute low brain serotonin.

Serotonin production and function is linked to vitamin D and fatty acids, suggesting one way these important micronutrients help the brain function and affect the way we behave.
If anyone in your circle is suffering from insomnia (can’t sleep), migraine, headache, you can try this experiment of Desi Gau ghee nasal drops. Make ghee lukeworm and apply 1-2 drops in both nasal passages before sleeping. Do it for 90 days.

PS: Before you try ghee from any gau shala, make sure that calf is given enough milk and milk is taken once calf is satiated for that session. There are no hormone used to increase production of milk. Place should be neat and clean. Cows must graze in open land for 3-4 hrs daily. Cows must get clean drinking water.

It is not advisable for:

1) Pregnant lady or during menses cycle
2) After bath, exercise, meal and intercourse.

I personally prefer before sleeping.

In summary:

It Is who will bless this land again with abundance of digested Prana (her prasad in form of dung, urine and milk).Prana that replenish the sick and timid!

Free pasture land for grazing is must for quality prasad! More she graze under sun-light, better would be her prasad (including D3!)

It is important and more cost-effective to imbibe digested Prana (Raw Prana passing through digestive track of mother cow. Churned Prana). When ghee is prepared, potency of digested prana increases manifold! Far far better than injections which are difficult to digest for body!

Freely grazing cows => Serotonin + Sun rays + DHA from grass => Quality milk, dung and urine!

(From : Prachodayat.in)
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