Attacks on temples,interference of other religions raised in “Protection and practice of Sanatana dharma & its challenges” Symposium

Last Modified Monday, 1 March 2021 (17:06 IST)
Vijayawada:The seers of various mutts and prominent individuals emphasized the need of protecting the Sanatana dharma and expressed concern over the attacks on temples.
A symposium on “Protection and practice of Sanatana dharma & its challenges” was organised by the and Save Temple Bharat.Addressing the symposium, Andhra Pradesh, Minister for Endowments Vellampalli Srinivasa Rao said that the responsibility of protection of temples lies not only on the government but also on the people.
The minister said that when the government tried to bring some changes to the system the opposition leaders found flaws in it for political mileage. He alleged that the opposition is indulging in mudslinging on the government taking the attacks on temples as an advantage. He said that so far 300 persons had been arrested in connection with the attacks on temples.
Gaghal Srinivas opined that there should be a three months training to those who work in temples and suggested that non-bailable cases should be registered against temple land grabbers.
National general secretary and of Hindu Acharya Sabha of Kerala Sri Shankaracharya Sowparnika Vijayendrapuri said that if Hindu Sanatana dharma is not protected the country would face a crisis in the future.
Sri Saivaskhetra mutt seer Shiva Swamy said that some people belonging to other religions were grabbing hills and hillocks in AP and installing the symbols of their religion but the government was not taking any steps to check their acts. He regretted that the influence of other religious people is increasing Hindu temples.
Ahobilam Jiyyar Swamy felt that in some incidents some people belonging to Hindu religion were involved in vandalising of temples for which Shiva Swamy vehemently objected.
AP Editors Association president V V R Krishnam Raju expressed concern on the decreasing of Hindu population and cited that Hindu are minorities in J&K, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram and Meghalaya.
Maruti Mahila society president Sunita Lakhamraju said that parents should teach their children about Hindu sanatana dharma. Atluri Narayana Rao, Mata Shiva Chaitanya Anand, Mata Chandi Mata Aghory and Valluri Jayaparakash also spoke.(UNI)
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