Do you know the Mystery behind these Hindu rituals, Have a Look

Last Modified Monday, 29 January 2018 (16:10 IST)
There are many that carry a mythological importance. Unfortunately, the Gen-next has been unaware about the reason behind these rituals. Thus, let’s have a bird’s eye view on the mystery behind ten famous Hindu rituals.

The Importance of Mantra:- Lords solicit Mantra. We find a natural connection with the Almighty through the utterances that originated from and then the only inner body and outer universe unites and produces the phenomenal energy.
The Importance of Swastika:- In custom it is said in Ganesha Puran ,the sign of represents Ganesha, who has the power to remove all your barriers and bears all your sufferings. According to Achraya  Yaska  Swastika is a symbol of indestructible Brahama and also an epitome of the goddess of wealth, Shree.
Tulsi has the awakening power:- One who takes Tulasi every day is equivalent to numerous fast one who do so gets the advantage to be a part of any Yagya.
Shankhanad:- According to Arthaveda Shankhnad is a combination of space and human mind. Monasticism of enemies becomes weak with the power of conch shell. It's a fag end of all your woe, sorrow one who plays Shankhnad lives blissfully in the asylum of Lord Krishna.
Kalash:- According to religious sources Kalash is supposed to be an emblem of health, wealth, prosperity and well wishes. According to our deities' volume Kalash must be placed before performing any religious activity. In Navaratri, Kalash is being placed in shrines and homes and then the members of family worship goddess Durga ritually.
Sankalp:- Sankalp is the integration of mind, body, soul the upshot of benefaction or Yagya can be achieved with the completion of the process of Sankalp.
Aachman:- According to Vedas there is a need to perform Aachman at three times. It is said that by performing it three times one will be free of verbal, physical, mental kind of sufferings.
Vermilion:- Why a married woman puts vermilion? It is a sign of auspiciousness and it also adds an element to a woman's beauty. It is also a custom of conjugal life. According to the body-formation science the married women put at just above the warm place that is very soft in nature. That’s why for the safety regards they put vermilion at that place.
Charan Sparsh:- The process of enables a man's body and his body filled with the enthusiasm, zeal, energy. We find relief from depression and laziness.
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