Anti-Corona protest broke out in Germany calling coronavirus a hoax, 300 held

Last Updated: Sunday, 30 August 2020 (15:25 IST)
Berlin: At least 300 demonstrators were arrested for violating COVID-19 norms here as nearly 38,000 people took to the streets in an against the restrictions.

Similar protest out across on Saturday and in other European cities with some demonstrators calling the virus a ‘hoax’.
Police had taken action after a daylong demonstration by tens of thousands of people opposed to the wearing of masks and other government measures intended to stop the spread of the new coronavirus.
They ordered the protesters to disband halfway through their march around Berlin after participants refused to observe physical distancing rules, but a rally near the capital’s iconic Brandenburg Gate took place as planned, reported the BBC.
Security forces confirmed on Twitter that several people had broken through a cordon in front of Parliament and entered the staircase of the Reichstag building, but not the building itself. Force had to be used to push them back. Stones and bottles were also thrown, police said. (UNI)