COVID-19: Wuhan confirms first case in 36 days

Last Updated: Sunday, 10 May 2020 (14:56 IST)
Beijing: One new case of COVID-19 infection was confirmed in China’s for the first time in over a month and 17 others tested positive but are asymptomatic, the Hubei Province Health Commission said on Sunday.

According to the report, the confirmed patient is an 89-year-old male, who is hospitalised in critical condition.
Chinese authorities do not include asymptomatic cases in their overall tally, re-qualifying them when they begin to show symptoms.
According to Chinese newspaper Global Times, this is the first case of infection reported in the city since April 4.
There are 616 asymptomatic carriers currently under medical monitoring, the report relayed.
China’s Health Commission Spokesman Mi Feng in late April told reporters that the number of people hospitalised for COVID-19 symptoms in Wuhan had dropped to zero, marking a milestone in the fight against the virus.
Fears of a second wave of infections have been prevalent in as the restriction measures are eased, especially in Wuhan, the original epicenter and worst-hit area in the country. (UNI)