Cow slaughter banned in this Asian country for milk production

Last Modified Thursday, 1 October 2020 (16:41 IST)
Colombo:Sri Lanka's cabinet of ministers agreed to ban cattle slaughter in the country by amending the existing laws.They undertook this step so as to expand the nation's cattle stock which in effect will save foreign exchange used for the import of milk.
A statement released by the government information department
said that higher numbers of livestock was required for agriculture in the country and for increasing milk production. 
"As a country with an economy based on agriculture, the contribution of the cattle resource to develop the livelihood of the rural people of Sri Lanka is immense. Various parties have pointed out that the livestock resource required for traditional farming purposes is insufficient due to the rise of cattle slaughter and the insufficient livestock resources is an obstacle to uplift the local dairy industry," the statement added.
 A report by Xinhua said that the cabinet of ministers decided to take immediate measures to amend the existing laws and implement a suitable program for aging cattle which cannot be used effectively for agricultural purposes. (UNI)