Egyptian model arrested for a photo shoot at the ancient pyramid (Pics)

Last Updated: Thursday, 17 December 2020 (13:51 IST)
Salma al-Shimi, an Egyptian model was arrested along with her photographer Housa Mohammed after her photos wearing a traditional dress went viral. The photographer and the model were detained for conducting a private photo shoot at various archeological sites.
The model was dressed in a pharaoh like costume as posed in front of various ancient monuments at the Saqqara necropolis. Soon after she shared pictures from her shoot on her social media, people slammed her with comments like “indecent” and “inappropriate”.
A case has been filed against the photographer and the model-influencer, as said by the Egyptian police authorities.Al-Shimi and Mohammed were found shooting at the archeological sites without any authorization which eventually led to their arrest.
Although there were people who supported the duo saying, “Is there a ban on taking photographs at the archeological sites, even pictures that are not indecent but completely normal?”
Expressing her opinions in her defense, Al-Shimi said that she didn’t know it was forbidden to take pictures at these ancient sites. Her intentions were not to demean the Egyptian culture but to promote tourism.
In the past, several other people have also been detained by the Egyptian authorities who posted content that seemed offensive to the country’s policies.(WD)

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