Over 400 California Tesla plant employees contracted COVID19 amid pandemic

Last Updated: Sunday, 14 March 2021 (11:31 IST)
Washington: There were around 450 cases at Tesla’s California, production facility last year, The Washington Post reports citing new data from the PlainSite transparency website.

The data, covering May-December, 2020, shows that there were 10 reported cases at the plant in May, when it reopened. The case count kept increasing: 125 cases were reported at the facility in December, 2020.
According to earlier Washington Post reports, multiple coronavirus cases were reported at Tesla’s facilities in Fremont, California, after CEO Elon Musk decided to reopen despite a countywide stay-at-home order.
The new PlainSite data cited by The Washington Post on Saturday shows that there were around 450 coronavirus cases between May and December of last year at the Tesla plant, which has a total of about 10,000 employees. (UNI)