6 lion cubs born in Gujarat, another Lioness pregnant in UP

Last Modified Tuesday, 7 April 2020 (13:27 IST)
Junagadh: Six were born on Monday including another 3 at the here.Chief Conservator of Forests(CCF) D T Vasavada said that three more lions cubs have born at Sakkarbag zoo and the mother is nursing.
'''At Ambardi safari park also a lioness has given birth to 3 cubs. But since the mother at Ambardi has killed own cubs in the past, we have separated the cubs and they are being shifted to Sakkarbag zoo for hand rearing,''he further said.
He added that a total nine lion cubs have born within a few days.Earlier on April 2, three cubs, two male and one female, were born at the state's oldest zoo here.
UP: Wave of joy in with news of lioness Jennifer's pregnancy
Etawah:Amid stressful moments of fighting the Novel Coronavirus in Uttar Pradesh, the news of lioness being pregnant at the Etawah Safari Park has given the Safari administration a reason for happiness. 
Safari Park Director VK Singh on Monday said that there is a possibility of the lion family increasing during mid-April and the good news will be given by lioness Jennifer. Arrangements related to the same have been done. 
Seven lions and lionesses had been brought to the Safari from some days back. Jennifer is one among them and she is slated to give birth to cubs in mid-April. The Safari administration is looking after Jennifer in every way and she is also healthy.      
Mr Singh said that Jennifer had been brought to the Etawah Safari Park in September last year wherein she had been mated with a lion named Manan. 
Earlier, lioness Jessica had given birth to four cubs on June 26 and three among them are healthy and with Jessica for now. Jessica had given birth to three cubs Simba, Sultan and Bahubali before this also. In this way, the six cubs which are in the Safari for now belong to Jessica. 
Now, there is hope of this number increasing through Jennifer. Jennifer is the daughter of lioness Jessica. The Eco tourist center along with three Safaris had been opened to the tourists and now efforts are being made to open the Lion Safari to the visitors as soon as possible. As of now, the Etawah Safari Park is closed due to the lockdown.(UNI)