Bengali young woman lynched grandma failed to kill parents inside room, acknowledges crime on FB live

Last Modified Monday, 10 June 2019 (14:02 IST)
Chinsurah:A drug addict youth has acknowledged his crime on live Facebook after his grandmother and made abortive attempt to kill his parents at their home in the Hooghlydistrict of West Bengal, police investigating the ghastly crime said today.

Indranil Roy (27), the accused locked his grandma inside their Keota Kultola home in Bandel area in late last night and hacked to death with a dao, a household tool, before acknowledging the crime to the police.
His parents, however, escaped with wounds and called the Chinsurah police for SOS. But the grandmother could not escape his wrath due to old age.
When police arrived at the scene of crime the youth, graduated from Shreerampur College, refused to get out of the room, bolted from inside but told the police he had committed the crime by showing hisFacebook account.
Police called the fire brigade personnel, who took grandma Bharati Roy (70) to send out hospital, which declared brought dead.
Police arrested the youth for the crime. Indranil, addict of drugs and alcohol. Chinsurah on the bank of river Hooghly,  35 kms north of Kolkata.(UNI) 
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