After Manipur, Cracks in Tripura, BJP alley IPFT disappointed

Last Modified Friday, 10 July 2020 (12:45 IST)
Agartala:The alliance of and in has become strain in the backdrop of power fight for capturing Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (ADC), which was exposed badly during 24 hrs ADC headquarter bandh ended this morning.
Though there was no untoward incident reported during the strike, IPFT leaders including
MLAs criticized led state government here and warned to scarp the
alliance if situation not improves. The IFPT leaders became critical to performance of the 
government so far as tribal development issues are concerned.
IPFT MLA Brishketu Debbarma while addressing the picketers in Khumlung on Thursday alleged that BJP has not been adhering to the principle of alliance rather trying to befool 
the innocent minds with impractical statements. In any adverse situation or eruption of 
public sentiments in hills has visibly shifted to the shoulder of IPFT supporters and police 
has been harassing them deliberately without any basis.
He alleged, "We have been facing question as a coalition partner of Tripura government 
from the people on the poll promises of BJP. They gave tall promises before elections and 
we had also believed in them like the voters and now it appeared as false. But we the 
MLAs are facing trouble in the localities. MLAs have no power and gradually, it surfaced 
that things getting centralized."
There was series of promises for the tribal development and empowerment of ADC but in 
past two and half years nothing happened. The people living in the hills have to remain been 
in problems and people across the state are unhappy with the healthcare, education, public 
service systems, and law and order. By default, IPFT has been getting the blame and 
implicated wrongly, which the party can't tolerate anymore, he maintained.
"We have a very clear demand that supporters of our party cannot be implicated with false 
charges and the government must release our leader Pradip Debbarma immediately who 
was arrested by police on a fabricated charge of attacking BJP office and it's leaders," he 
pointed out adding that BJP is wholeheartedly trying to break the IPFT in rural areas. But, 
unfortunately, people are less interested in going with BJP.
People have understood as to how the BJP came to power depending upon tall claims 
and empty promises. Before the elections, the IPFT has been branded as a wayward 
organization but not a single time IPFT tried to disturb the peace and tranquility. On the 
other hand, the BJP is trying to incite trouble in the ADC areas," Debbarma told reporters.
"The Chief Minister is well aware of IPFT's stance. We have even made it clear if BJP 
wants to run the government alone then break the alliance and run the government independently. But, we will not retreat from our demands'. The movement of IPFT was to 
protect the identity of the indigenous population and it had nothing to do with power or 
an administrative chair", he stated.
The MLAs in this coalition government are not more than that of a puppet. There are 
no powers conferred in the hands of legislators whether he belongs to IPFT or BJP 
does not matter, the MLA added.(UNI)
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