After UK and Bahrain, Pfizer seeks India’s approval for emergency use of Covid vaccine

Last Updated: Sunday, 6 December 2020 (13:17 IST)
New Delhi: After being approved for use in the UK and Bahrain, US pharmaceutical company has sought permission from the Drugs Controller General of (DGCI) for the emergency use of its in India.

According to sources, Pfizer has submitted an application to the DCGI for approval. However, DCGI has not given any official information in this regard, nor has Pfizer confirmed this information. The Union Health and Family Ministry has neither confirmed nor denied this information.
In the event, DCGI gives the go-ahead for emergency use of Pfizer vaccine in India, it will be the third country in the world to do so. Bahrain announced last Friday that it too had approved the use of Pfizer vaccine.
So far, 96,44,222 people have been infected with Coronavirus-19 in India, of which more than 94 per cent, that is 91,00,792 patients have recovered and 1,40,182 people have died. (UNI)