She bids adieu to the world with no regrets by submerging herself (Video)

Last Updated: Saturday, 27 February 2021 (19:18 IST)
A woman named Ayesha recorded her own suicide with a smile on her face. The video of this unfortunate incident went viral like wildfire. It won't be wrong if it is termed as a "Happy Suicide".
Though the extreme step taken by the lady has a tragic background. The narration of her plight will leave even a stone-hearted person teary-eyed. The video was filmed at the Sabarmati river. After sending her message to the family, She plunged into the and never returned back.
She said in the Video " A salam E Valekum, My name is Ayesha, Ayesha Khan, I am not pressurized by anyone to do this. I am doing everything at my own will. You may say life has a limit set by mighty Allah. 
Dear Dad, please close the case, till when you will battle it out with family. Arif needs freedom, I set him free today. I was satisfied with my life, I love Arif. I am pleased to meet Allah soon. I pray I need not see a human's face again.
Oh, dear river please accept me. "
Ayesha was married to Arif, soon after the boy started demanding dowry from the woman's parent. Ayesha's father arranged 1.5 lakh rupees from him but the thirst of the greed was not quenched. Later a dowry case was filed by the parents on Arif. 
The video gives a glimpse of the amount of love Ayesha had for Arif. Thus she was pleading with her parents to roll back the case. She was fed up with this mess and took the extreme step by jumping into the Sabarmati river located at Ahemdabad. (WD)