BJP holds meeting of elected MLAs; Shiv Sena doesn't follow suit

Last Modified Wednesday, 30 October 2019 (16:35 IST)
Mumbai: leader on Wednesday said the party is not holding the meet of its' legislature and called the future political happenings as fate of Maharashtra.
Mr Raut's clarification comes as its ally and the Nationalist Congress Party(NCP) are meeting with the respective elected legislators.
"What will be, will be, it is Maharashtra's fate. Today, there is an NCP legislative party meeting. I don't know about BJP meeting but there is no meeting of Shiv Sena with its MLAs today. Everybody has to call for a party meeting and elect its legislative party leader," he commented.
The final outcome of the 2019 Assembly polls have given 105 seats to the BJP, making it the single-largest party, whereas the Shiv Sena bagged 56 seats.
Post polls, the Shiv Sena has demanded a written assurance from the BJP, affirming that the Chief Minister's post will be rotated, in mid of five-year-tenure, between the two parties.
However, the BJP isn't ready to give in to Sena's cribbing as Devendra Fadnavis on Tuesday asserted that he will once again head the about-to-be formed government.
"There should be no doubt in anybody's mind as it will be a BJP-led government for next five years," CM Fadnavis had averred.
Commenting on the 50:50 formula, which is being quoted by Shiv Sena to substantiate its' demand, the CM stated, "I have confirmed with Amit Shah and he told me that the BJP has not given any assurance for the chief minister's post for two- and-a-half years (each for the BJP and Sena) when the alliance was formalised before the Lok Sabha polls."
What exactly is the 50:50 formula will be revealed soon, he added.